Justin Maina

Justin Maina is an Actor, TV Host, Fitness Model, as well as an athlete on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

He’s originally from Miami and currently lives in Beverly Hills, California. Justin attended the University of South Florida and was an honors student while pursuing Bio-Medical Sciences. He has owned and operated his business, JustinCredible Massage for over 15 years. 

He has worked with some of the industry's top producers and production companies, has been seen on several major network TV shows, National & International commercials and is currently an on-air guest host on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Due to Justin’s acting background, he was recently privileged with booking another leading role in a feature film and host of a TV show Pilot. He is currently represented in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Central Florida markets. 

Justin's interests include his faith, acrobatics, water sports, martial arts, travel, and meeting people from around the world. 

A Note From Justin

Many people who know me would say I’m “high on life,” and that’s because I’m genuine and real with everyone! Fitness is very much a part of my lifestyle, however I make it a priority to maintain a balance physically, mentally and spiritually as well. I plan to impact this world by remaining humble, staying true to what’s right, discovering the unknown and most importantly, leading by example! I love encouraging other’s to discover their passions, experience life and people to the absolute fullest while maintaining Godly morals. My friends, remember to never settle for anything less than your best. #LoveGodLiveFearless



It has been an absolute JOY working with Justin on HSN. He’s great at quickly adapting and overcoming when last minute changes get thrown his way, and he does it professionally and with a smile. Whether it’s demonstrating the effectiveness of my Super Chic vacuum or helping me launch my new Miracle Mop, he always makes it fun, no matter what the job. I look forward to seeing him excel with his hosting career!
— Joy Mangano | Inventor, Businesswoman, & Entrepreneur
We’ve worked with Justin extensively during the past 4 years, both on long-form, as well as on my HSN fitness shows. Hand’s down, Justin’s our “go to” male model. Always positive, genuine, prompt and with an incredible smile that outshine all the other male fitness models. Plus, he knows how to make a product shine on camera. And best of all, the public loves him as much as we do.
— Brenda Dygraf | National Fitness Hall of Fame, U.S. Aerobic Champion, IDEA & AFFA
Justin was just so creative and easily molded into the character we were trying to create. Even though it was a 15 hour day, he was in great spirit the whole time. His experience definitely shows. He was a dream to work with.
— Jon Call | Interior Designer
I had the privilege of working with Justin Maina on a commercial shoot. He is the ultimate professional gentleman. His pleasant personality and neat clean appearance, makes him very easy to work with.
— Rory Lee | Lead Artist, CEO & Founder


Justin Maina is an Actor, TV Host, Fitness Model, as well as an athlete on NBC's American Ninja Warrior.

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